Friday, April 24, 2009

Evergreen Lutheran High School Senior Portraits

I've got exciting new backgrounds and I'm looking forward to the creative possibilities with them. I was anxiously awaiting one to arrive for Garrett's senior portrait session with his guitar, but it didn't show up until 8pm that night. The background I used instead worked really well for the look I envisioned. Here's a sneak peak of one of the images that I tweaked with some extra artistic techniques.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Senior Feedback

I love creating beautiful portraits for my clients, and I so appreciate it when they take the time to send a note about how much they love theirs. I'll be the first to tell you that my portraits aren't the cheapest available out there. Quality custom portraiture is not cheap, and it's nice when people "get it".

Thanks to Lauren G for the feedback:

Why did you choose Colleen for your senior portraits?
I was dissatisfied with the photographers all of the girls in my school chose. So, I decided to research a couple of seattle & regional photographers. I immediately fell in love with Colleen's style. Her pictures were flawless and exactly what I was looking for.
What did you like about Colleen’s photography that you didn’t see in portraits done elsewhere?
Other than being flawless in lighting, composition, and final touch ups, they are sophisticated, classic, & a touch edgy.
What did you like about your session with Colleen?
Colleen had pictures in her head before you stood in front of the camera. She knew great poses, lighting, and props. Though most importantly, she made me feel at home and relaxed.
Anything you would do differently?
Order more!
What you like best about your portraits:
They're beautiful and original. I have received so many compliments, especially from my crush! ;) Thanks Colleen!
Friends and family reaction:
They are in awe!
Advice for upcoming seniors about their portraits:
Relax! Photographs are art!
Thoughts on the entire experience of working with Colleen:
It was fantastic and I am so pleased with the pictures I have.